Cover Story

3 stepping stones for school improvement

In the new age of instant digital connectivity and globalisation, it is possible — and necessary — for educationists in vastly different geographies to identify and adapt best practices in education. In India we can make a start by implementing three actionable insights to repair the severely damaged foundations of the country’s K-12 education system

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Special Report

No urgency to bridge industry-academy gap

With the Indian economy growing at 7 percent plus since 1991, there is a substantial rise in demand for managers and workers. But the overwhelming majority of job seekers aren’t sufficiently qualified for industry and business job vacancies because of a huge and widening gap between the academy and India Inc

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Expert Comment

Impractical comprehensive plastics ban

Although there is a strong case for phasing plastics out of our lives or changing its composition to make it safer, the Maharashtra state government’s stringent ban is reckless and irresponsible

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Institution Profile

Manipal Institute of Technology

A constituent college of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (estb. 1956), MIT has been consistently ranked among the country’s Top 10 engineering colleges and #1 in Karnataka, in the EW India Higher Education Rankings for the past three years 

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