Cover Story

Life Skills: New Mantra of Indian Education

Educationists, life style gurus and business management experts have suddenly discovered that without well-developed life skills, even the brightest and best students are doomed to shallows and misery. However there’s considerable confusion about the type of life skills that need to be taught in the country’s education institutions

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Special Report

Population Foundation of India: Plowing a lonely furrow in family planning

Despite birth control becoming a taboo subject in Indian politics and the public discourse after the excesses of the Emergency (1975-77), for the past 48 years the Delhi-based PFI has been actively propagating and devising plans and strategies to decelerate India’s population growth momentum

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Expert Comment

Faculty reservations manifestly anti-dalit

For a prosperous and dignified future for Dalit children and youth and for India’s equitable development, reservations in the appointment and promotion of teachers must be abolished 

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Institution Profile

Witty International School, Malad, Mumbai

The first K-12 venture of the Witty Group, WIS, Malad (estb. 2001) has quickly established a reputation for providing an intensively researched curriculum, continuous pedagogy improvements, enabling infrastructure and innovative student development initiatives

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