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Mending Indian Education - 40 Top Principals & Higher Ed Leaders Speak Up

Against the grim backdrop of falling learning outcomes in the country’s school and higher education systems, some of India’s most respected school principals, leaders and vice chancellors suggest ways and means to manage the existential crisis that confronts Indian education

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Institution Profile

G.D. Goenka Public School, Rohini, Delhi

A franchised institution of the G.D. Goenka Public School chain of primary-secondaries countrywide, GDGPS-R has earned an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality schooling within a short span of six years - Autar Nehru

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Expert Comment

Implement integrated teacher education programme carefully

In future, the NCTE will approve only four-year integrated programmes of teacher training colleges. It could prove to be a gamechanger in K-12 education

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Budget 2018-19 Focus

How to reap India’s demographic dividend

As has been reiterated by EducationWorld in our analyses of Union budgets of the past five years, given political will and resolution there’s considerable scope for cutting expenditure and rearranging the spending priorities of the Central government to raise substantial resources for investment in the country’s abundant but woefully neglected human resource

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